5 Wardrobe Staples That Will Make You Look Retro Everyday

Let’s face it…not everyone has a bottomless bank account to buy a full, real, vintage wardrobe or even a full, fake, vintage lookalike wardrobe. So, what to do if this is your style of choice? Another we have to face…Forever 21, Express, etc, are not exactly busting at the seams with vintage flare. What to do, what to do? You get some staples that can make any wardrobe look vintage! Here’s a list of the items I feel are absolute necessity for any woman to look classically retro:

  1. The Cardigan – Yes, the cardigan is the lab coat of the librarian, but that’s not the only reason my closet has so many of them…they are retro! Grab yourself a tighter fitting (loose and hanging is a no-go for retro), floral, polka-dotted, or plain cardigan…wear it buttoned up…and you’re already on your way to a Marilyn mirror image! This cardigan is from ModCloth for $10!!

2. The Pencil Skirt – This may not be an everyday item, but for dinners, happy hour, date night, anything where you want to look a little more “bougie,” the pencil skirt is the perfect retro staple. Get it in black, so it goes with everything! Make sure it hits below your knees. Pair it with the cardigan above, or a tight fitting short sleeved sweater, or for a rockabilly look…pair it with your favorite tight fitting band tee! This pencil skirt is on the ASOS website for $16!

3. Retro-Style Shoes (Heels, Wedges, and Flats) – Have these 3 pairs of shoes, and you can retro up any outfit!

For the heels: find a peep toe black heel. They can be worn anytime, including the winter (with thigh high stockings of course). Heels can be paired with the cardigan and some dark skinnies or leggings to look seriously rockabilly, with the pencil skirt for a sexy pinup look, or with a 40’s style dress. I recommend spending a tad more on shoes, because cheap can mean uncomfortable. Plus, shoes take a beating, and nicer ones will last longer. Found these historically hot heels for $29 (on sale) on Lyst!

For the wedges: I’m super picky about my wedges,  because they can’t be too high or too low, and they must be comfortable because I wear them all. the. time in the spring and summer. For this reason, I recommend getting a neutral color. To really look retro, try to find a basket-weave wedge. Hard to find, but so worth the look! These wedges are at Famous Footwear for $5!

For the flats: You can never have too many flats in too many colors and patterns! I’ve gotten a number of flats at Walmart. They’ll have sales that put their flats at $6 a pair…sometimes even $3! <–that’s when I really stock up! But, if I’m looking for a really nice pair of everyday flats, I like black or grey. Goes with everything…dresses, skirts, leggings, pants, anything! The key with flats is to not get a pointed toe. Don’t get too stylish with them. Think I Love Lucy or Mary Tyler MooreFound these perfect flats from Rakuten for $19!

4. Pearls – Not real pearls, silly! Fake pearls are just fine! A pair of large pearl studs and a beautiful pearl necklace can complete any outfit from dressy to casual. 

Earrings – I LOVE these earrings I found on Etsy. $5! Are you kidding me?? Don’t like the size? There’s options! Inserting credit card number…aaaaaaaand ordered. Go grab you some girl!

Necklace – a simple, small pearl necklace. It speaks volumes. It makes you look like a classy woman with a touch of sexiness 😉 This beautiful faux pearl necklace is $12 from Boscov’s!

5. The Simple Dress – This is a dress you can wear everyday, even when you’re doing your chores…yes, you read right…chores. Throw the dress on with your flats and pearl studs, and there’s your outfit! This super cute house dress is $35 on Etsy!

So, there you have it! My must-have staples for a retro inspired wardrobe! What staples do you have to have in your closet? Any shopping secrets…great retro shopping sites? Let’s talk! 



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