2 Powerful Retro Skin Regimes

My great grandmother had amazing skin…beautiful skin…unnaturally young skin for her age. When she was in her 70’s, no one believed it. Could it all have been just genetics? Maybe. Could it be that she wasn’t an outside worker? Possibly. But, what she, and now my mom and I, chalk it up to is one key beauty regime, and here it is:

1940s Ponds Cold Cream Ad

Yup. That’s it. Pond’s cold cream. But, it’s not just the product. It’s how she used it. She never scrubbed her face with face wash and hot water to take off her makeup. She simply put on the cold cream and wiped the make up right off. In the morning, a simple splash of water, followed my some cold cream moisturizing, was all she needed before applying her makeup. 

I admit that I am not as religious about my Pond’s cold cream regime as I should be. My modern day beauty brainwashing has made me think that my face isn’t clean only using Pond’s. But, I can tell you, that it is. It really is. And it feels smooth, soft, and amazing. The lesson here is: sometimes to get better skin, we just have to leave it the hell alone. 

The next retro regime I would like to throw your way is super retro…ancient even. Something you may not know about me yet: my father is Persian. So, I’m always researching what Middle Eastern women did back in the day to keep their skin so olivey, and outrageously, gorgeous.

One thing shows up time and time again…a face mask…but not any face mask…

The secret here is turmeric. Organic, raw, all natural turmeric. Mix this super spice with raw, organic honey and a little bit of organic whole milk (goat’s milk would be even better) until you have a paste, masky type mixture. Rub this potion all over your face, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Gently rinse it off with warm water and follow it with moisturizer (Pond’s for a double dip into the fountain of youth). 

And there you have it! Give these a go, and let me know what you think! What retro regimes do you swear by? Let’s talk!



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