5 Retro Home Decor Additions that are Comfy, Cozy, and Inviting

Sometimes when we hear the words “vintage” or “retro” paired with “decor,” we automatically have an image of our great aunt’s house that felt dusty, cluttered, and moth ball-y. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Adding some retro flare to your home will add character to your space without taking over. But there’s certain additions to make, and certain places to put them, that will maximize the retro effect. And guess what…I have those 5 additions for you with suggestions on where to get them! Today, I am your retro fairy godmother! <—that might be a stretch, but I’m excited! 

Figurines – Not the Precious Moments figurines your mom bought you when you were little. Not the country figurines they sell at Cracker Barrel. For figurines, I suggest small matching figurines. A man and woman dressed in 1800’s fashion…hula dancers…all ceramic of course. My all time fave are the lady head vases. These are so cute and retro! Here’s one that I absolutely love! It’s a replica of course (but who has to know, right?)

Kitchen Gadgets – Old style eggbeaters, retro measuring cups, vintage tea pot…all these things can be used as decor in your kitchen to give it that retro flare! Currently in my kitchen, I have a vintage (looking) tea pot on the back burner on the stove, some retro cookbooks on a shelf, and some curtains with a retro pattern (lots of red with prints of vintage kitchen gadgets). For these additions, hit up thrift stores! Even if it’s not from the 40’s, or even necessarily retro, it can be made to look that way! 

My curtains that I ordered from Etsy. Super inexpensive! Around $12 each!

Photos – When I think of 1940’s homes, I think photos of family members in frames on shelves, on pianos, on mantles. But not the modern way we print photos today…in collages, on photo tiles, or with quotes printed around them. Don’t think that pictures have to be hung on walls! I like to reserve wall space, especially in my bedroom, for beautiful paintings (fakes that I found at thrift stores, of course ::wink wink::). 

Tablecloths – I absolutely love tablecloths! I like to have a simple white tablecloth, with a floral pattern, topped with a pitcher filled with fresh flowers. Be picky about your tablecloth. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you don’t want the pattern to look early 90’s or overwhelming. Here’s a tablecloth I LOVE to decorate with when spring and summer come around! Don’t be afraid of the yellow! I can compliment so so so much, and it’s super easy to decorate around! Make dining fun! 😉 

Soaps/bath products: On your bathroom counter, place a pretty silver tray. On it place a small glass jar with cotton balls, some vintage colored soaps (think pastels), and either a small glass vase with a flower in it or a vintage perfume bottle. It will keep your bathroom classy but give it that retro touch that makes you feel more beautiful when you’re in it. No way you can go out into the world looking sloppy after stepping foot in your bathroom! I LOVE this perfume bottle, because it gives the retro feel with the Eiffel Tower giving it a modern flare.

What retro touches do you have in your house? I’d love some new ideas! Let’s chat! 



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