5 Ways to Feel a Bit More Retro in your Everyday Life

If you live a retro lifestyle via fashion, music, etc., then you know how good it feels when you’re having a really good “on-point” retro day. But, sometimes you wake up and you feel grumpy, tired, and like putting in zero effort. When that happens to me, I have a few ways to make me get back in my retro mood and back on track. Here’s my 5 ways to feel a bit more retro in your everyday life:

Do a quick retro makeup: Putting on your face in the morning makes you feel ready for the day. On days when effort isn’t on your side, just do a quick 5 minute makeup…foundation, powder, eyebrows, mascara, and lipstick. The 5 minutes it takes to do this makeup will make the hours in the rest of the day be more enjoyable!

Me and my daughter, Charlotte, when she was just a chubby little thing. I did my retro 5-minute makeup that day! 

Wear an apron for your cooking/chores: Nothing screams retro to me like an apron. They make you feel ladylike, vintage, and pretty all at the same time. Throw an apron on over your outfit and get busy!

Turn on some retro tunes: The Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby, Ella Mae Morse, Evelyn Knight, Benny Goodman…start a Pandora station, make a Spotify playlist, or pop in a CD like this one…

Hearing these vintage songs will inspire to get back in your groove! Nothing gets me going like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” from the Andrew Sisters or “Hot Time in the Town of Berlin” from Bing Crosby! 

Put on some pearls: This may sound ridiculous if you are a SAHM like me, but hear me out…you’ve forced yourself to throw on some makeup, you’re dressed and have your apron on…dig deep to your inner pinup and put on some pearl stud earrings. Throw your hair up in a classy, easy up-do and tell me you don’t feel like Lucy who can tackle anything (even when you just don’t feel like it)!

Sip an afternoon cocktail: Day-drinking might have become taboo, but it wasn’t always so. I’m not suggesting you get plastered at lunchtime…but, after you’ve finished your housework, the kids are outside playing or doing homework, and it’s not quite time to start dinner…pour a small glass of chardonnay (or your wine of choice) and sip while listening to your retro tunes or watching an episode of I Love Lucy. You’ve done well today, girl, so give yourself a relaxing reward! Who knows, maybe a cocktail (or 2) will inspire you to put on that retro nightie once the kids have gone to bed 😉 

What do you do to keep your retro inspiration up? Let’s chat!



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